Akshan Counter Wild Rift: Strategies and Tips to Outplay Your Opponents

Akshan Counter Wild Rift, Welcome to our comprehensive guide on countering Akshan in Wild Rift. As one of the newest additions to the champion roster, Akshan brings a unique playstyle and set of abilities that can catch even the most experienced players off guard. In this article, we will delve into the best strategies and tips to effectively counter Akshan and turn the tides in your favor. Whether you’re an ADC, support, or any other role, we’ve got you covered!

Understanding Akshan’s Strengths and Weaknesses

Akshan’s unique kit gives him several strengths that make him a formidable opponent. He has high mobility, burst damage, and the ability to execute low-health enemies with his ultimate. However, he also has some weaknesses that can be exploited. Akshan relies heavily on landing skillshots, and his range is relatively short compared to traditional marksmen. Additionally, his passive’s grappling hook can be interrupted, leaving him vulnerable. Understanding these strengths and weaknesses is crucial when devising your counter strategy.

Exploiting Akshan’s Skillshot Reliance

Akshan’s Q ability, Avengerang, is a skillshot that requires precise aim to hit its targets. As a counter, you can take advantage of this by maintaining unpredictable movement patterns to make it harder for Akshan to land his boomerang. Zig-zagging or changing directions frequently can throw off his aim and force him to waste mana or miss crucial damage. Additionally, hiding behind minions or using tanks as a shield can block his skillshots and reduce his overall damage output.

Abuse Akshan’s Short Range

Compared to traditional marksmen, Akshan has relatively short attack range. As a counter, champions with longer range, such as Caitlyn or Jinx, can harass Akshan from a safe distance and force him to play defensively. By zoning him away from the minion wave, you can deny him gold and experience, putting him at a disadvantage in the laning phase. Additionally, champions with abilities that outrange Akshan’s attacks, like Xerath or Lux, can poke him down and prevent him from engaging in all-ins.

Interrupting Akshan’s Grappling Hook

Akshan’s passive, Dirty Fighting, grants him a grappling hook that allows him to traverse terrain. However, this ability can be interrupted by crowd control effects, leaving him vulnerable and hindering his mobility. As a counter, champions with stuns, silences, or knock-ups can disrupt Akshan’s grappling hook and prevent him from escaping or engaging. Timing your crowd control abilities correctly is key to making the most of this counter strategy.

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Positioning and Vision Control

When facing Akshan, positioning is key. As a ranged champion, he relies on landing his skillshots to deal damage. By keeping your distance and staying behind minions or tanks, you can make it harder for Akshan to hit his abilities. Additionally, maintaining vision control is crucial to avoid surprise attacks from Akshan’s E ability. Placing wards in strategic locations and communicating with your team can help prevent Akshan from catching you off guard.

Stay Behind Minions and Tanks

As mentioned earlier, Akshan’s Q ability is a skillshot that can be blocked by minions or tanks. By positioning yourself behind them, you create a physical barrier that makes it harder for Akshan to hit you with his boomerang. This reduces his overall damage output and gives you a safer laning experience. However, be aware of his potential to reposition with his grappling hook and adjust your positioning accordingly.

Ward Key Areas

Akshan’s E ability, Heroic Swing, allows him to swing around terrain or structures, stunning enemies he hits. This ability can be devastating if it catches you off guard. To prevent this, it’s crucial to have vision of key areas where Akshan might look to engage or flank. Placing wards in river entrances, jungle paths, or near objectives can give you advanced warning and time to react to his potential engages. Communication with your team is essential to ensure everyone is aware of Akshan’s whereabouts.

Burst Damage and Crowd Control

Akshan’s survivability relies on his W ability’s shield, so bursting him down quickly is essential. Coordinate with your team to unleash your burst damage when his shield is down or when he’s out of position. Crowd control abilities can also be effective in keeping Akshan in check. Champions with stuns, silences, or knock-ups can interrupt his combos and prevent him from utilizing his mobility to escape or engage.

Coordinate Burst Damage

Akshan’s W ability, Going Rogue, provides him with a shield that activates when he takes damage from champions. This shield can significantly increase his survivability and turn fights in his favor. To counter this, it’s crucial to coordinate your burst damage with your team and focus him down when his shield is on cooldown. Timing is key here, so communicate with your teammates to ensure a synchronized attack that maximizes your chances of taking him down.

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Utilize Crowd Control Effects

Akshan’s mobility is a key aspect of his playstyle. By utilizing crowd control effects, you can disrupt his combos and prevent him from utilizing his mobility to its full potential. Champions with stuns, silences, or knock-ups can keep Akshan in check and limit his ability to engage or disengage. Timing is crucial when using crowd control abilities, so try to anticipate his movements and use your crowd control at the right moment to have the most impact.

Denying Akshan’s Ultimate Executions

Akshan’s ultimate, Comeuppance, allows him to execute low-health enemies who have recently killed an ally. To deny him these executions, it’s crucial to communicate with your team and avoid taking unnecessary risks when low on health. Staying together and prioritizing survival over risky plays can deny Akshan the opportunity to snowball and turn the game in his favor.

Communicate and Prioritize Survival

Akshan’s ultimate excels at punishing low-health enemies who have recently killed an ally. To counter this, communication with your team is key. Make sure to communicate your health status and the cooldowns of Akshan’s ultimate. Avoid taking unnecessary risks when low on health, and prioritize survival over aggressive plays. Staying together as a team can also deter Akshan from attempting risky executions, as he will be less likely to find isolated targets.

Build Defensive Items

Building defensive items can also help mitigate the impact of Akshan’s ultimate executions. Items like Guardian Angel or Zhonya’s Hourglass can provide a second chance at life when Akshan targets you with his ultimate. These items can buy you enough time to regroup with your team or turn the tides of the fight in your favor. Assess the state of the game and consider building defensive items if you anticipate being a target for Akshan’s ultimate.

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Itemization and Counter Picks

Choosing the right items and champions can significantly impact your ability to counter Akshan. Building items with crowd control effects, such as Frozen Mallet or Rylai’s Crystal Scepter, can help keep him at bay. Additionally, champions with high burst damage, like Zed or Syndra, can quickly take down Akshan before he has a chance to retaliate. Experimenting with different item builds and champions can give you the upper hand in countering Akshan’s playstyle.

Items with Crowd Control Effects

Items with crowd control effects can help you keep Akshan in check and limit his mobility. Frozen Mallet, for example, applies a slow effect to your basic attacks, making it harder for Akshan to kite or escape. Rylai’s Crystal Scepter can provide a similar slow effect to your abilities, amplifying your crowd control potential. By building these items, you can increase your chances of catching Akshan and preventing him from maneuvering freely in team fights or skirmishes.

Champions with Burst Damage

Akshan’s relatively low health pool makes him vulnerable to champions with high burst damage. Champions like Zed, Syndra, or LeBlanc excel at quickly taking down targets, and Akshan is no exception. By selecting champions with high burst damage, you can eliminate Akshan before he has a chance to retaliate or utilize his mobility. Coordinate with your team to set up plays and catch Akshan off guard, maximizing your damage potential and securing kills.


In conclusion, countering Akshan in Wild Rift requires a combination of strategic positioning, burst damage, crowd control, and coordination with your team. Understanding his strengths and weaknesses is crucial in formulating an effective counter strategy. Remember to prioritize survival, deny his ultimate executions, and leverage vision control to gain an advantage. By following these tips, you’ll be well on your way to outplaying Akshan and securing victory on the Rift!