Aatrox Counter Wild Rift: Strategies and Tips to Defeat Aatrox

Aatrox Counter Wild Rift, Are you tired of facing Aatrox, the Darkin Blade, in your games of Wild Rift? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! In this comprehensive guide, we will discuss effective strategies and tips to counter Aatrox and turn the tide of battle in your favor. Whether you’re a top laner, jungler, or mid laner, these insights will help you deal with Aatrox’s formidable presence on the Rift.

Aatrox is a powerful champion known for his sustain, crowd control, and high damage output. His abilities, such as The Darkin Blade and World Ender, make him a formidable foe to face. However, with the right knowledge and tactics, you can effectively counter Aatrox and shut him down. So, let’s dive into the strategies and tips that will give you the upper hand against this fearsome champion.

Understanding Aatrox’s Abilities

Before we delve into the counter strategies, it’s essential to have a clear understanding of Aatrox’s abilities. This knowledge will help you anticipate his moves and react accordingly.

The Darkin Blade (Q)

Aatrox’s Q ability, The Darkin Blade, is a devastating strike that allows him to hit enemies in a wide area. It deals significant damage and can be challenging to dodge. When facing Aatrox, always be aware of his Q range and try to stay out of it. If you see him winding up for a strike, quickly move to the side or behind him to avoid the damage. Dodging his Q will not only reduce the damage you take but also limit his ability to sustain himself through his passive ability, Blood Thirst.

Infernal Chains (W)

Aatrox’s W ability, Infernal Chains, is a powerful crowd control ability that can immobilize and damage enemies. When Aatrox hits an enemy champion with Infernal Chains, they are briefly rooted and take damage over time. The chains can also be reactivated to pull the enemy towards Aatrox. To counter this ability, it’s crucial to maintain proper positioning and be aware of Aatrox’s range. If you see him casting Infernal Chains, try to sidestep or use a dash ability to avoid getting caught. By dodging this ability, you can prevent Aatrox from following up with his other damaging abilities and reduce his threat level during trades or all-ins.

Umbral Dash (E)

Aatrox’s E ability, Umbral Dash, provides him with mobility and allows him to dash a short distance. This ability can be used to engage on enemies, escape unfavorable situations, or reposition during team fights. When playing against Aatrox, always keep track of his Umbral Dash cooldown. This ability has a relatively long cooldown early in the game, so take advantage of the window when it’s down to trade or engage on him. Additionally, if you see Aatrox using Umbral Dash to engage, try to kite him and create distance. By avoiding his abilities during extended trades, you can outdamage him and come out on top.

World Ender (R)

Aatrox’s ultimate ability, World Ender, enhances his power and survivability. When activated, Aatrox gains increased attack damage, bonus movement speed, and a self-revive upon taking fatal damage. This ultimate ability makes Aatrox a formidable force in team fights and duels. To counter his ultimate, it’s crucial to time your burst damage or crowd control abilities accordingly. Save your high damage abilities or crowd control effects for when his ultimate is about to expire. By doing so, you can maximize your chances of taking him down before he can revive or deal significant damage.

Picking the Right Champion

Choosing the right champion to counter Aatrox is crucial. Champions with specific strengths and abilities can exploit his weaknesses and give you the upper hand in lane or team fights.

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Fiora is an excellent choice when it comes to countering Aatrox. Her mobility and dueling potential allow her to dodge Aatrox’s abilities effectively and deal significant damage in return. Fiora’s Riposte ability can negate Aatrox’s crowd control, such as Infernal Chains, and turn it against him. Additionally, her Grand Challenge ultimate can reduce Aatrox’s healing and make him vulnerable during extended trades. Utilize Fiora’s mobility and parry abilities to outmaneuver and outdamage Aatrox in lane.


Camille is another champion that can give Aatrox a hard time. Her high mobility and burst damage allow her to quickly engage on Aatrox and burst him down before he can react. Camille’s Hookshot ability can be used to dodge Aatrox’s Q or escape his crowd control. Additionally, her Precision Protocol ability can shred through Aatrox’s defenses and deal significant damage. Utilize Camille’s hit-and-run playstyle to chip away at Aatrox’s health and eventually take him down.


Malphite is a tanky champion with excellent crowd control abilities, making him a strong pick against Aatrox. Malphite’s passive ability, Granite Shield, provides him with a shield that can absorb Aatrox’s initial burst damage. Additionally, Malphite’s Q ability, Seismic Shard, can slow Aatrox’s movement speed, making it harder for him to engage or disengage. During team fights, Malphite’s ultimate, Unstoppable Force, can disrupt Aatrox’s positioning and allow your team to focus him down. Play defensively during the laning phase and build armor items to increase your survivability against Aatrox’s damage.


Riven is an agile and high-damage champion that can go toe-to-toe with Aatrox. Her mobility and shield abilities allow her to dodge Aatrox’s skill shots and mitigate his burst damage. Riven’s Broken Wings ability can be used to engage on Aatrox and unleash a flurry of attacks, quickly bursting him down. Additionally, Riven’s Ki Burst can stun Aatrox, interrupting his combos and preventing him from maximizing his damage. Utilize Riven’s fast combo rotations and animation cancels to outmaneuver and outdamage Aatrox in lane.

Laning Phase: Tips and Tricks

The laning phase against Aatrox can be challenging, but with the right approach, you can gain an advantage. Implementing specific strategies and tricks can help you survive and potentially outscale Aatrox in the later stages of the game.

Farm Safely and Avoid Trades

Aatrox’s power lies in his ability to sustain and deal damage. To mitigate his threat during the laning phase, focus on farming safely and avoiding unnecessary trades. Aatrox excels at extended trades, where he can utilize his abilities and sustain through his passive. Instead of engaging in prolonged trades, focus on last-hitting minions and poking him when possible. By playing defensively and avoiding trades, you can limit Aatrox’s ability to snowball and gain an advantage.

Call for Jungler Assistance

Aatrox can be susceptible to ganks during the laning phase, especially when his Umbral Dash is on cooldown. Communicate with your jungler and ask for assistance in pressuring Aatrox. Coordinated ganks can disrupt Aatrox’s farming and potentially secure kills or summoner spell cooldowns. Make sure to coordinate with your jungler, set up vision control, and time your engages properly to maximize the chances of a successful gank.

Exploit Cooldowns

Understanding and exploiting Aatrox’s ability cooldowns is crucial to gaining an advantage in lane. Aatrox’s abilities, especially his Umbral Dash and Infernal Chains, have relatively long cooldowns in the early stages of the game. When you see Aatrox using his abilities, take advantage of the cooldown window to engage on him or trade aggressively. Without his abilities, Aatrox becomes vulnerable and unable to respond effectively. However, be mindful of his passive ability, Blood Well, which can revive him if he manages to get a takedown during trades.

Itemization: Building Against Aatrox

Itemization plays a crucial role in countering Aatrox. Building items that provide sustain, resistances, or grievous wounds can greatly reduce his damage output and sustain capabilities.

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Ninja Tabi

Ninja Tabi is an essential item against physical damage-heavy champions like Aatrox. The passive effect of Ninja Tabi reduces incoming basic attack damage, which can mitigate a significant portion of Aatrox’s damage output. By building Ninja Tabi, you increase your survivability during trades and team fights, making it harder for Aatrox to burst you down.

Bramble Vest

Bramble Vest is an effective item against Aatrox’s sustain. The Grievous Wounds effect it provides reduces his healing from abilities and items, making it harder for him to sustain through extended fights. By building Bramble Vest, you limit Aatrox’s ability to recover health and increase your chances of coming out on top during trades and all-ins.

Executioner’s Calling

Executioner’s Calling is another item that can help counter Aatrox’s sustain. Its Grievous Wounds effect reduces the healing he receives from abilities and lifesteal, making it harder for him to regain health during fights. By applying Grievous Wounds, you can significantly lower Aatrox’s effectiveness and increase your chances of winning trades and all-ins. Consider building Executioner’s Calling if you’re playing a champion with high physical damage.


Thornmail is a powerful armor item that reflects a portion of the damage taken from basic attacks back to the attacker. Building Thornmail against Aatrox can help mitigate his sustained damage, especially if he relies heavily on basic attacks. Additionally, Thornmail also applies Grievous Wounds, further reducing Aatrox’s healing. By building Thornmail, you not only increase your survivability but also hinder Aatrox’s sustain, making him easier to deal with in team fights.

Teamfight Tactics: Dealing with Aatrox in Team Fights

Aatrox excels in team fights due to his AoE damage and crowd control abilities. To counter him effectively, it’s important to have a solid game plan and coordinate with your team. Here are some tactics to consider when facing Aatrox in team fights:

Focus on Crowd Control

Aatrox’s damage output and sustain rely heavily on his ability to land his abilities and continuously attack. By focusing on crowd control, you can disrupt his combos and prevent him from dealing significant damage. Coordinate with your team to chain crowd control abilities and keep Aatrox locked down. Champions with stuns, silences, or knock-ups can be particularly effective at keeping Aatrox under control. By limiting his impact, you create opportunities for your team to burst him down or focus on other priority targets.

Burst Him Down

Aatrox’s sustain and self-revive from his ultimate can make him a tough target to kill in team fights. To overcome this, focus on bursting him down quickly before he has a chance to heal or revive. Coordinate with your team to unleash your high-damage abilities and ultimates on Aatrox simultaneously. Take advantage of his lack of mobility during his Umbral Dash cooldown and ensure that your burst damage is timed effectively. By overwhelming him with burst damage, you can eliminate him from the fight and gain an advantage in team fights.

Save Grievous Wounds for His Ultimate

As mentioned earlier, Aatrox’s ultimate, World Ender, enhances his power and allows him to revive upon taking fatal damage. To counter this, save your Grievous Wounds effects, such as those from Executioner’s Calling or Thornmail, for when his ultimate is active. Applying Grievous Wounds during this time will significantly reduce his healing and prevent him from regaining health through his passive ability, Blood Thirst. By nullifying his sustain, you increase your chances of successfully taking him down and winning team fights.

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Vision Control and Map Awareness

Having good vision control and map awareness is essential when countering Aatrox. By properly warding key areas and paying attention to the map, you can prevent Aatrox from surprising you with ganks or roams. Here are some tips to improve your vision control and map awareness:

Ward Strategically

Place wards in areas where Aatrox is likely to pass through or where he can potentially flank your team. River entrances, jungle entrances, and brush near the top lane are all crucial spots to ward when facing Aatrox. By having vision in these areas, you can track his movements and react accordingly. Additionally, consider placing control wards to deny vision and gain information about Aatrox’s positioning. Proper warding can help you avoid unnecessary engagements and allow your team to make informed decisions.

Communicate with Your Team

Communication is key when countering Aatrox and dealing with potential ganks. Inform your teammates about Aatrox’s whereabouts, summoner spell cooldowns, and ultimate status. By sharing this information, you enable your team to take precautions and adjust their positioning accordingly. Use pings or the in-game chat to communicate effectively and ensure that everyone is on the same page. Team coordination and awareness can prevent surprises and give you an edge against Aatrox and his team.

Aatrox’s Weaknesses and Exploiting Them

Despite his strength, Aatrox does have weaknesses that you can exploit. Understanding these weaknesses and capitalizing on them can help you gain an advantage in lane and team fights. Here are some of Aatrox’s weaknesses:

Lack of Mobility

While Aatrox’s Umbral Dash provides him with mobility, it has a relatively long cooldown, especially early in the game. Exploit this window when his dash is on cooldown to engage on him or disengage from unfavorable trades. Without his mobility, Aatrox becomes more vulnerable to ganks and all-ins. Play aggressively during this cooldown window and punish him for overextending. However, be cautious of his crowd control abilities, such as Infernal Chains, which he can use to lock you down even without his dash.

Reliance on Skill Shots

Aatrox’s abilities, such as The Darkin Blade and Infernal Chains, are skill shot-based and require precise aim to maximize their effectiveness. Champions with high mobility, such as Yasuo or Zed, can easily dodge Aatrox’s skill shots, rendering him ineffective during trades or all-ins. By utilizing your mobility and sidestepping his abilities, you can force Aatrox to miss crucial damage and reduce his threat level. Additionally, champions with abilities that create terrain, such as Anivia or Taliyah, can block Aatrox’s skill shots and limit his options during engagements.

Communicate and Coordinate with Your Team

Lastly, communication and coordination with your team are paramount when countering Aatrox. Inform your teammates about his whereabouts, summoner spell cooldowns, and ultimate status. By working together, you can better plan your engages, set up ganks, and secure objectives to gain an advantage over Aatrox and his team.

In conclusion, countering Aatrox in Wild Rift requires a combination of knowledge, strategy, and teamwork. By understanding his abilities, picking the right champions, utilizing proper itemization, and coordinating with your team, you can effectively shut down Aatrox and emerge victorious on the Rift. Remember, practice makes perfect, so keep refining your skills and employ these counter strategies to dominate your games against Aatrox.

So, wild rift counter the next time you face Aatrox, don’t fret. Implement these counter strategies and show the Darkin Blade who’s boss!