Top 3 Best Carry Heroes Offlane in Dota 2 patch Notes 7.31 to Grind Your MMR

Grinding MMR in Dota 2 can feel like a full-time job but it doesn’t have to be.

With the new Dota 2 patch 7.31 New heroes are about to dominate the meta. Here are three of the best offline options to help you smash your lane and the will of your enemies while depriving them of their MMR.

3 best offlane heroes to gain MMR with in Dota 2 patch 7.31

Primal Beast

The latest hero, 7.31, starts life as an unfamiliar Dota 2 invader with a win rate of less than 40%. But since then, the Primal Beast has become an apex predator, terrorizing offline at nearly every bar.

The hero is even flexible enough to play a support role or go to the mid lane, although he may suffer later in the game due to his reliance on spells to deal damage. But once you reach your peak of power, there’s a good chance you’ll wipe out the early stages and end the game.

The pro opted for most of the standard hero builds, opted for phase boots and rushed to the Black King’s bar to ensure the hero wouldn’t be interrupted during his damage combo.

Trample only deals too much damage, while clamor can make heroes almost immune to physical damage. That’s why BKB is so important, as both an offensive tool and a defensive tool, allowing you to get in and out of tricky situations.

Onslaught can be a difficult tool to use, but it can be a good AOE starter or escape, depending on how you want to use it. Shatter blocks a target and ignores status resistances, making it great against heroes like Bear and Soulbreaker, or those who like to buy scatter.

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All of Primal Beast’s skill sets have short cooldowns, ensuring he’s always ready for battle. His mana is low, so be sure to stock up on the Clearing Potion.

Death Prophet

Summon Krobelus, take towers, take lives and take your enemy’s MMR.

Death Prophet has become the best flanker, even dominating the competitive scene with her versatility, survivability, and incredible propulsion.

Exorcism ensures that the hero never feels unwelcome. Her powerful ultimate is perfect in countless situations, effective against targets like Roshan and towers, letting enemies run away from you or harassing your ghosts to the death.

Spirit Siphon makes nearly every trade work its own way, often ensuring you’ll survive until the end of each teamfight. With the Aghanim’s Artifact’s Fragment upgrade, it gains the added benefit of inflicting fear on enemies after three seconds, further improving your teamfighting abilities.

While she’s one of the strongest out lane players in the game, she’s also capable of occupying second through fifth spots, making her a rookie in the ranking draft. If she fights back, she can switch to a lower priority role, but you’ll need a teammate’s blessing to do so.


Shares of Necrophos have risen rapidly in recent months. What he lacks in direct start, he makes up for with his low cooldown healing with his awkward presence and ability to consistently support teammates and himself.

He asked a question in the alley. By simply being present with Heartstopper Aura, it forces enemies to invest in regeneration or risk low health all the time. Since Rotund’jere regenerates every time he kills a unit, he can spam Death Pulse without hesitation.

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Plague Papa is a healing beast with one of the most powerful shards in the game: the Death Seeker. For just 1400 gold, you can get a dual skill that can be used on offense and defense, turning your target into ether. Even so, he unleashed Death Pulse!

There’s incredible offensive synergy here. Deathseeker increases your follow-up magic damage (yes), it’s an extension (25%) of your Reaper Scythe and Death Pulse, giving Necrophos a massive single core. It also lets you clear creep waves instantly, putting you in a less dangerous situation.

On defense, if you’re gifted, you can instantly restore 270 or 334 points to your allies, which is more than Mekansm’s 275 points. Since Ghost Shroud’s healing is nearly doubled, he can easily gain over 1000 health with this combo and a fully charged wand. Trying to kill his frustrating enemy.

The Reaper Scythe is the perfect follow-up to a complete kill, dealing more damage based on the target’s missing health. If the hero dies with Reaper’s Scythe, it now grants the Necromancer additional regeneration, which can stack indefinitely.