Top 3 Best Carry Heroes in Dota 2 patch Notes 7.31 to Grind Your MMR

Safelane heroes get the most priority in a Dota 2 match,

But they also carry most of the burden on the team. This is a character where every mistake counts, and fighting back before the game even starts can be devastating.

Since carriers are expected to enter combat earlier and earlier, it is imperative that security players have strong skills that can help in skirmishes or become elite farmers to get items quickly.

But the following three heroes have the best of both worlds. Here are the three best carry heroes to gain MMR with in Dota 2 patch 7.31.

3 best carry heroes to gain MMR with in Dota 2 patch 7.31

Chaos Knight

3 best carry heroes to gain MMR with in Dota 2 Chaos Knight

Patch 7.31

Increases the multiplier for Chaos Knight’s crit damage skill, Chaos Strike, and all non-hero units to 150%. This helps alleviate one of the hero’s biggest problems, farming, allowing him to hit jungle minions and even scavenge ancient creatures. Combined with the Chaos Strike Vamp talent at level 10, this means the hero doesn’t need to return to base after a tough fight, he can go to an available neutral creep camp to easily restore his health.

This makes the hero a prime candidate for the Mordiggian Armlet, probably the most damaging damage item in Dota 2, for powerful carry. When enabled, powerful heroes take 75 damage and gain health and armor. The Illusionary Armband is an added bonus, as he is the only power hero born with the ability to create illusions.

All this brings together a moving hero, a great fighter, and even a built-in stun. It’s not uncommon to see Chaos Knights use illusions, perform a secondary shot and a couple of Chaos Strikes with Reality Rift, then turn around to stun and yell at another target. Reality Rift’s spell immunity penetration at level 20 gives the ability additional utility against the core of the Black King Bar, ensuring the hero scales well in the later stages of the game.

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3 best carry heroes to gain MMR with in Dota 2 tiny

Tiny has been terrorizing the game for months. Since the hero burst onto the stage as one of the most competitive players in The International 10, Tiny has been one of the strongest players in Dota 2 with his burst damage and tower attacking abilities.

Now that Aghanim’s shards are ready to use within 15 minutes, Tiny can use his implements faster. Early sustained tree grabs greatly increase his farming speed, and the low gold cost means it requires less investment than any other hero with Warfury in mind. This is one piece you’ll definitely want to have as your microcarrier soon.

The kill potential of the hero, even without a lot of items, is high, only the avalanche combo can give you enough damage, killing a lot of soft support in one shot. When you add items like Echo Saber, Silver Edge, and Daedalus to it, even the clunkiest of cores will run into trouble.

Small heroes are easy to kite, which makes it all the more important to shoot down important targets. Pick and choose your target and your high damage hits will be counted.


3 best carry heroes to gain MMR with in Dota 2 medusa

Although Medusa is known throughout the game for brushing her teeth, she can usually fight after acquiring two core items, usually the Manta style and the Eye of Skadi. These two items give her a lot of all-around stats, allowing her to be on the front lines and have enemies target her.

Her ability in the driveway is also surprising. Mystic Snake can be a bad spell, especially as a melee attacker, her long range and decent early game size means she can usually survive long enough to help her out. However, once her split shot reaches a sufficient level, she will enter the jungle.

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The hero likes the triangle, which is the farmland area between the side lanes and the mid lane. Usually she only needs to defend and absorb mid lane minions, which makes defending this tower even more important if you have Medusa in your team.

Stone Gaze has been getting more and more improvements in recent years. While it’s only used to deflect enemies, giving her additional movement speed while casting the spell grants her pseudo-activation ability and allows her to position herself to deal damage.

Overall, she’s a versatile hero, and she’s very fast. Medusa doesn’t blow up heroes in a few clicks or take down towers in seconds. But she makes up for it with absurd tanking abilities and solid sustained damage output, allowing her teammates to choose when to engage.

This isn’t an end-all-be-all list of carry heroes currently powerful in the meta patch 7.31. They are just some of the easiest heroes to pick up and master, and are plug-and-play into most drafts. Other powerful choices include Templar Assassin, Monkey King, and Faceless Void.