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Rengar is an AD assassin jungler. He has a reasonably robust early recreation, his early jungle clear is comparatively quick and you’ll keep fairly wholesome along with your heal from 2nd Skill, Battle Roar. When you get to degree 5 and have entry to Thrill of the Hunt (Final), you may develop into invisible and gank any lane to get a bonus.


Unseen Predator (Passive)

The first part of the passive is if Rengar is in a brush or camouflaged (from his ultimate), he will leap to the target with his next attack and if Rengar has no Ferocity stacks, he gains 1 stack. This part of the passive is a crucial part of Rengar’s kit. You can use this when clearing the jungle to get ferocity stacks faster, jump onto minions or onto champions to surprise them and get the upper edge.

The 2nd part is Bonetooth Necklace. You gain attack damage for each unique champion takedown. So when thinking about who to jump on especially when your ultimate is up, take a look at your necklace (bottom of the screen) and see who you need to kill to get more attack damage.

The final part of the passive is the Ferocity. You gain 1 Ferocity upon casting a basic ability and when you reach 4 Ferocity stacks, your next basic ability is enhanced, allowing it to be cast separately from the base version. Will go into more detail about the enhanced abilities with each one.

Savagery (1)

Rengar’s next 2 attacks within a few seconds gain attack speed. The first attack is empowered to deal additional physical damage. Ferocity (Enhanced Savagery) – Gains more attack speed for a longer time and the first attack deals more damage.

This is one of Rengar’s main damage sources and gives him a lot of attack speed. It is also an auto-attack reset, meaning you can auto-attack and activate the ability straight after to use it so you don’t have to wait for the delay until you can auto-attack again.

Battle Roar (2)

Rengar roars, dealing magic damage and healing for a percentage of damage taken in the last few seconds. Ferocity (Enhanced Battle Roar) – Rengar also gains movement speed for a few seconds and removes all crowd control effects from himself.

This ability helps a lot when clearing the jungle and trying to stay as healthy as possible and helps greatly when trying to trade in early skirmishes vs the enemy jungle. Timing your Ferocity Battle Roar is crucial and is the difference between life and death.

Bola Strike (3)

Throws a bola that deals physical damage and slows for a second. Ferocity (Enhanced Bola Strike) – Deals more physical damage and roots instead.

This is Rengar’s only crowd control in his whole kit so it’s vital to use this at the right time, especially the enhanced version to root the enemy when you are chasing them down. You can also use this ability in mid-air when jumping with your passive or ultimate. This helps slow the enemies to catch up and use your abilities to gain Ferocity stacks.

Thrill of the Hunt (Ultimate)

Rengar gains movement speed and reveals the nearest enemy champion for a few seconds. Rengar also becomes camouflaged after a second and his next attack shreds the target’s armor for a few seconds. This is what makes Rengar unique!

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Once you reach level 5 you want to use your Ultimate as much as possible! You can easily gank lanes and it’s quite fun when you use your Ultimate and the enemy team realizes so they start running away trying to escape. This ultimate also counters other champions that can go invisible like Evelynn and Kha’Zix, because when you use your ultimate, if they are the nearest enemy to Rengar they will be revealed.



Rengar uses a mixture of both AD and tank items that allow him to deal a lot of damage and survive. Duskblade of Draktharr is a really strong item on Rengar, the Nightstalker passive works great as most of the time you will be hiding in brushes or using your Ultimate to jump onto the backline. On top of Duskblade, you want to build items that have critical strike chance and attack damage so when you use your Ultimate (Thrill of the Hunt) you can one-shot anyone on the enemy team!



Rengar is an assassin so he wants to get in the enemies face and attack constantly. This allows him to get the stacks pretty fast with his abilities, which allows him to deal more damage.


This helps out Rengar in the early game to get that extra bit of damage when clearing the jungle and getting early ganks off.


With Rengar, you will be jumping into a lot of fights and ganking actively, which means you will be getting plenty of takedowns. This allows Kha’Zix to get a bit more health with each takedown to make him that little bit extra tanky.


As a jungler you will be roaming around the map a lot, taking objectives and ganking lanes. Pathfinder gives you extra movement speed in brushes, jungle and river so you can move around the map a lot quicker to help your team.

Rengar Spells


Rengar Spells Flash

Rengar Spells Smite

Rengar Spells Smite


For summoner spells, Flash is a must on most champions. It’s a great spell to get out of a situation or if you are trying to go in for the killing blow. Smite is a must for when you are playing jungle. Helps you out a lot when clearing the jungle and securing the epic monsters.


Rengar has a fairly fast early jungle clear. This means that you can work your way around the jungle quite fast and be aggressive when contesting the scuttle crabs in the rivers. It is best to start at Red Brambleback as you don’t have mana and you don’t lose a lot of health when jungle clearing. When clearing the jungle its best to try and use your 1st Ability (Savagery) when you have full Ferocity (Passive) stacks as this will give you more attack speed when clearing the jungle.

This is what the jungle patch would look like:

  1. Red Brambleback
  2. Raptors
  3. Blue Sentinel
  4. Scuttle Crab 1 (In river)
  5. Scuttle Crab 2 (Opposite river)
  6. Gank or continue to farm jungle.

Below is a beginner’s guide I did for jungle in Wild Rift. It goes in-depth about every jungle camp, epic monsters and more!

Rengar Combo Guide

  • This combo deals the highest possible DPS Rengar can dish out.
  • Activate 1st, Savagery before the first jump to have 2 stacks on initiation. This combo can be used from brush without ult.
  • The true burst damage combo is only possible with 50 ability haste and above. In the early game, you have to squeeze in more auto attacks and wait until the very last moment before jumping if you want to pull off the third 1st.
  • This is used for increased survivability against burst damage champions like Kha’zix.
  • This combo is your key to defeating Kha’zix because it can nullify his burst damage TWICE.
  • If you are going to use the combo exclusively for healing, wait for the enemy to use their combo before using the first 2nd. If you are anticipating a crowd control, use the first 2nd immediately.
  • The root can be used to lock down tanky champions you cannot burst down by yourself. This combo is perfect for catching up on champions with blinks or other mobility tools as well.
  • Only use this combo on tanks if you have allies for can follow-up and deal more damage. Otherwise, don’t bother.
  • You can use both iterations of 3rd, Bola Strike while leaping from a brush.
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Pros and Cons playing with Rengar in Wild Rift


  • Rengar’s unique brush leap mechanic and empowered ability make him extremely rewarding to play both as a jungle and as a Baron laner. Plus, he has much flexibility in terms of item builds so his options and playstyles are limitless.
  • Rengar is one of the strongest junglers in the game and he can snowball uncontrollably with his Bonetooth Necklace passive which grants him stacking bonus damage.
  • Rengar is great at early game duels so he can force most enemy junglers away from scuttlers and soon enough, from their own jungle.
  • He has high sustain for an assassin and can force engagements.
  • Rengar has some map control thanks to the reveal from his ultimate.


  • Rengar relies on a good early game to carry his team. If he fails to create a lead in the early game, his impact becomes minimal. It is harder to play from behind using Rengar compared to his nemesis, Kha’zix.
  • His ganks are heavily limited by brushes if he doesn’t have his ultimate available.
  • His leap mechanic can be frustrating for new players because it is a mistake-prone mechanic. A wrong leap is a missed kill or certain death.

FAQ’s About Rengar

How good is Rengar in Wild Rift?

Rengar is a (Tier S+) champion. He is a high-skill ceiling champion with lots of one-shot potential. Aside from his burst damage, he has flexibility in terms of ability usage and item build so he can work in a lot of situations.

What role / lane should I play with Rengar in Wild Rift?

Rengar is played as an assassin in the jungle lane and as a fighter in the Baron lane. He has an oppressive early game capable of bullying many champions. Once he gains even just a little lead, Rengar can easily snowball it into victory.

What abilities do I level up with Rengar?

1st, Savagery is maxed first because it is Rengar’s main source of damage. 2nd, Battle Roar is maxed next because it is a great source of sustain throughout the game, and its cooldown scales with level. 3rd, Bola Strike is maxed last because it is best used for its empowered root its duration does not scale with levels so it does not bring much to the table out of the root effect.

What items should I build with Rengar?

What Runes should I use when playing as Rengar?

When played in the Jungle, Conqueror is the safest rune to use because it grants a linear increase in your damage output, the longer you fight, the stronger your damage becomes. Don’t worry, you’ll still have Electrocute level burst damage in the late game, even more. As a Baron laner, use Grasp of the Undying since you can force trades using Rengar’s brush leap. The bonus damage, healing, and bonus HP will make trades unfair for your enemies. Rengar’s other runes are Brutal, Hunter – Titan, and Pathfinder (Sweet tooth when laning).

How can I brush leap accurately?

Use the drag-lock or portrait lock function. Simply wishing for the best while button smashing is not a recommendable strategy when using Rengar.

Counter Champion Rengar Wild Rift


You have to be proactive when against Kha’zix. Force him to fight you pre-level 5 where you out damage and out sustain him. Once he has his ultimate and first Evolve, the fight begins to side in his favor. Keep tabs on him and once he uses his ultimate, that’s your signal to force him into fighting you. If you are not sure whether he has his ultimate available or not, play the side of the map opposite of him. Once you gain a lead on him, keep pressuring his jungle because he has an extremely fast clear, and therefore, he has good comeback potential if left unchecked.

Twisted Fate

Twisted Fate hard counters Rengar’s ultimate, Thrill of the Hunt with his own ultimate, Destiny. Your best bet is to play around his ultimate and to catch him alone because his Gold Card is useless against your empowered 2nd, Battle Roar.


Darius is one of Rengar’s toughest matchup in the Baron lane. You can’t leap into him because he’s never going to back away in a fight and he won’t let you get away. He’ll use his 2nd, Crippling Strike on you then force you to use your empowered W, Battle Roar. Once you have used your empowered 2nd, Battle Roar, he’ll drag you back using his 3rd, Apprehend. If counter-picked into this matchup, farm under your turret and look for ganks to help your team every time you have your ultimate. Do not feed the Darius!


With Rengar, you want to take advantage of your invisibility from your Ultimate, Thrill of the Hunt. Roam around the map solo without your team and try to get solo kills on the enemy carries. This will give your team a huge advantage when it comes to pushing or taking objectives. When playing jungle, your main job is to keep track of when Dragons, Rift Herald, and Baron spawn. Taking these epic monsters will give you and your team an advantage in the game.


Rengar is a very fun and fairly easy champion to use. He has a great early game and can scale a lot into the late game by using his ultimate to go invisible and one-shot the enemy team.

Thank you for reading this Rengar Guide Wild Rift!