Wild Rift Best Lux Build

Wild Rift Best Lux Build. Learn what runes and items make the best lux build in league of legends (lol). Lux releases a sphere of light in the target direction rooting the first two targets hit for 2 seconds which include minions, enemy champions, and small monsters.

Wild Rift Lux Lux Lol Wild Rift Hd 4k Wallpaper 8 1110 myxym
Wild Rift Lux Lux Lol Wild Rift Hd 4k Wallpaper 8 1110 myxym from myxym.blogspot.com

It is for a good reason because it helps with you move you fast across the map and it makes dodging skill shots easier. Lux’s shield is enhanced by prismatic barrier (2nd ability). In this tier list, we will show you which wild rift champions are the strongest at the moment and give you the best results to climb the ladder.

Bone Plating Is Also A Must Have To Recieve Less Burst Or Poke Damage

Lux is a mage/support champion in league of legends: There are many types of mage that you can use in wild rift. With the support of our template, you can use lux with conviction!

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Shielding A Teammate Gives Them A Boost In Atk Speed And Damage.

(grievous wounds reduces healing effects by 50%). Poke enemies with lucent singularity. Lux’s shield is enhanced by prismatic barrier (2nd ability).

Lux Releases A Sphere Of Light In The Target Direction Rooting The First Two Targets Hit For 2 Seconds Which Include Minions, Enemy Champions, And Small Monsters.

Cast out a ball of light that roots 2 enemies for 2 seconds and deals 70 magic damage (70 +70%) to both targets. Protect allies and yourself with prismatic barrier. Maximize illumination by doing basic attacks before every skill.

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Max skill 2 ( shield ) first because lux 2nd skill is definitely balance that can provide your teammates with infinite shield. Lux one of the best support with adcserver eu One of the most popular mages in wild rift is lux.

Weakness Is Useful Because Lux 'S 1St Skill Root, The Extra Damage Is Helpful For Some Poke Trades In Lane.;

Throws lux's wand in a direction, shielding allied champions it passes through from 50 damage (50 + 20% ap) for 3 seconds. Light binding holds two targets. Wildriftfire is your one stop shop to find the best build for every champion in league of legends:

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