When I Move My Mouse Fps Drops

When I Move My Mouse Fps Drops. The main thing i notice is when on a more or less static screen like the main screen of bf1 and 4, l if i move my mouse round my fps will pretty much half. My fps drops when i move the mouse windows insider windows 11.

Weird FPS drops when moving the mouse in gw2? Lower your polling rate
Weird FPS drops when moving the mouse in gw2? Lower your polling rate from www.reddit.com

I'm sure this isn't tied to fsx because this has happened in several other games. Today im going to show you how to fix mouse lagging/stutering.first you need to uninstall unnecessary driver at your device manager windows.make sure you onl. I have tested to reinstall the game and change the hz on the mouse but i still have the problem!

I've Tried Everything Anyone Can Possibly Think Of And Moving Over Here Is Like My Last Resort To Find A Solution To This Problem.

You can test this by uninstalling the proprietary mouse driver and just using the standard windows mouse driver. (then reinstall after the issue has been resolved.) try playing with the system in selective startupto rule out any third party software conflicts. Fps drops when moving mouse.

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I Have Fps Drops When I Move My Mouse And General The Game Is Not Playing Well On My Pc.

Apparently dbd isn't the only game with this issue but when i realized this. I have this problem here only on the screen to choose the multiplayer modes, if i keep moving the mouse pointer, the fps keeps dropping, from 120 to 90, depends on how much i move the pointer and the framerate line that is smooth, is all shaky. It will also lag when moving back and forth fairly quickly across files in file explorer, and when dragging a window across the screen.

The Main Thing I Notice Is When On A More Or Less Static Screen Like The Main Screen Of Bf1 And 4, L If I Move My Mouse Round My Fps Will Pretty Much Half.

I switched mine from 1000 to 500 and its now manageable. Fps drops when moving mouse usually that is mouse driver related. Game menu > video > disable hardware cursor it seems this issue is caused by the latest nvidia drivers.

My Fps Drops When I Move The Mouse Windows Insider Windows 11.

Here's a list of all the things i tried: It works perfectly fine last month !! Fps drops in half whenever i move my mouse.

I Use Directx (Tried Using Opengl But It Became Worse), Frame Limiter At 120 (Tried All Of Them) And I Even Tried Disable Every Special Effect.

If the problem disappears then report the issue with your mouse driver to the company that makes the mouse. If anyone know what do to please replay. The fix should be to lower your mouse polling rate.

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