Why Does My Game Lag When I Move My Mouse

Why Does My Game Lag When I Move My Mouse. While this is happening, my cpu remains under 50% usage on all cores, and my gpu is barely even tested. Hopefully you find the article helpful.

Steam Community Guide Mouse Polling rate
Steam Community Guide Mouse Polling rate from steamcommunity.com

Do you use vsync or any other method to limit the frames to your native refresh rate in these games? You can do it by pressing the windows icon and looking for settings or simply use the windows and i keys to go straight there. I'd say apex legends defaults to igpu.

Press Windows Key + X Click Device Manager Expand Mice And Other Pointing Devices.

The game runs fine , but when i move my mouse i have drop frame from 50 fps to 10. Now, we have shown you four common methods to fix windows 10 mouse lag. That did the trick for me.

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You May Want To Play The Game In Fullscreen Mode.

Problem details:game lags massively when moving the mouse. Okay so the problem occurred randomly. I'm running windows 8.1 and games play just fine so this isn't a video card issue either.

The Day Before It Ran Perfectly Fine.

If i flail my mouse around to prolong this, the network error symbol appears, indicating that this is not a performance issue with my computer. Hopefully you find the article helpful. It basically changes the responsiveness of your mouse depending upon how you're moving it.

After Running Every Game As Administrator And Changing My Polling Rate Constantly.

In some games i could move my mouse in the menu and my fps would go down to single digits. Here's what i have done to see if it could fix the problem: If you use a high poll rate usb mouse(500 or 1000) moving the mouse will cause more cpu usage than 125hz or 250hz so in games where i don't have any cpu to spare i lower my poll rate and you should see the phenomenon of fps drop tied to mouse go away completly at.

Finally I Thought Maybe A Polling Rate Issue, I Have.

They all lag when i move my mouse. Some games also refer to it as raw mouse input. Here are the steps to do to prevent the mouse lag in fps games over the scroll inactive feature.

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