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New Profile Pic is an acronym for profile picture. It has other meanings, but in recent years, the avatar has become more common. The abbreviation quickly took root in all social networks and instant messengers, in all user groups. So today it is most often associated with an avatar or, in other words, an avatar.

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Profile pictures started with photos

Profile photos existed long before the internet. Only these were the physical photographs in people’s passports. As our communication has gone digital, it has become necessary to represent ourselves online. Thus the avatars of today were born.

The modern world is hard to imagine without email, dozens of chats, social networks and other digital forms of communication. So the avatar is a necessary thing for everyone present in the network. While there are pretty strict rules for your passport photo, there is more freedom when it comes to the profile photo for different platforms.

Types of profile pictures

There is no strict categorization of the types of profile pictures. But conditionally, they can be divided into the following groups:

  • Profile pictures for social media
  • Profile pictures for messengers
  • Business profile pictures
  • Profile pictures for gaming accounts
  • Profile pictures for children

Your profile picture can be the same for social networks and messenger if they are connected. I like it on Facebook. Since Facebook messenger is connected to Facebook, you cannot have two different profile photos. But you can have different avatars on Discord, Skype, Telegram and other messengers that are separate from other platforms.

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A business profile photo is somewhat similar to a passport photo. There are several guidelines for business profile photos, as this is the first point of contact with employers. We will discuss this a bit later.

It is good to think about which avatar to choose for your child if you create an account for him, for example, on YouTube. While you can use a photo of your child, it’s a good idea to choose something neutral that protects your child’s privacy. For example, it could be an emoji or a funny picture of a pet.

Good profile picture matters

Yes, you can use any photo as your avatar, but in some cases it’s better to go traditional. Your profile picture is the first thing people see when they look at your account. Research shows that based on profile pictures, people choose who to add as friends, who to date, and who to hire. If you want to make a good first impression, you probably won’t post anything incriminating, like a picture of you drunk at a party, as your avatar (unless that’s the impression you want to make).

It’s especially important to have a professional profile picture if you’re looking for a job. Of course, it is extremely important to have a business profile photo on your LinkedIn account. But your potential employer might look up your Facebook account to learn a bit more about you before contacting you. And you don’t want to miss out on a job opportunity because your Facebook profile picture made a bad impression, do you? So, we are going to give some tips on how to make a good profile picture.

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How to take a good profile picture

If you want to make a good first impression, here are some tips to help you make a great profile photo.

1. Show your face

Remember: people want to see you more than your silhouette in the rays of the setting sun. Leave beautiful photos of nature for the album. Use a portrait photo for your avatar.

2. Smile! Or don’t

Are you an open or closed person? If you want to appear friendly, make sure to smile when you take pictures. The wider the smile, the more open you will appear to be.

3. Nail the frame

Cropping is an important thing when it comes to photography. You don’t want your face to look like it’s under a microscope or in outer space. Make sure your face is the correct size in the frame.

4. Choose the right background

You don’t want to blend into the background. Use contrasting colors. If you wear a red jacket, make sure the background is another matching but contrasting color, for example. white, yellow or black. Also think about the background color used in social networks. Facebook is blue, so it would be wise not to use it as the main color of your photo.

These tips work especially well for business profiles.

If you don’t have time for a photoshoot

If you need a great avatar but don’t have the time (or money) for a photo shoot, we can help. The new Profile PicMaker is a unique tool that creates avatars for any purpose: personal and business accounts, messengers, game accounts, etc. It allows you to create a professional looking avatar from any photo in less than a minute.

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The new Profile Pic Maker uses artificial intelligence to remove and replace unwanted backgrounds. The tool then creates dozens of profile pictures to choose from and offers the option to customize your new profile picture to make it perfect. Also, New Profile Picis is free, so anyone can use it.

Now you know what a new profile picture is and why it is important!