Müller and Waitrose to Scrape off the Colored Milk Cover

Müller is working exclusively with Waitrose to eliminate the blue, green and red caps on milk bottles and replace them with clear caps. The move could increase the availability of HDPE in the market by 1,560 tons per year.

Unlike fully recyclable plastic milk bottles, colored milk caps cannot be recycled into food packaging at this time. The introduction of a transparent cover allows you to retain materials for reuse in the food sector.

With greater demand for rHDPE than supply, keeping the material in a “closed loop” system, more rHDPE may be available on the market, further reducing reliance on “virgin” plastics.

Research by Müller, who buys a fifth of the milk produced on UK farms, shows that if the availability of recycled plastic for food use improves, consumers will support the change.

Mueller found that more than half of all shoppers looked at the color of the milk lid when choosing milk at the store, while others used different color labels, remembered their previous location in the refrigerator, or used appliance signage.

But eight in 10 shoppers said if given the choice they would choose milk bottles with clear milk caps, which can be recycled into food-grade materials, versus colored bottles, which cannot. After years of working with Waitrose and successful internal trials, Müller continues to work with supermarkets to try at all 331 stores, April 4:30, 2022.

Müller fresh milk bottles are self -produced, 100% recyclable and contain up to 40% recycled food grade ingredients. Liam McNamara, Commercial Director at Muller Milk & Ingredients said: “Everyone is thinking more about what they are buying, the nutritional benefits, the value it represents and the packaging used.

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“We want to be the partner of choice for our customers, we recognize the commitment they make to the industry and after a successful trial period this is another step we can offer.

“As the first dairy company in the UK to test clear boundaries for fresh milk, we are working hard to innovate and take leadership on issues that are important not only to customers but also to consumers.

“In an industry that needs access to more rHDPE, we are very excited to partner with Waitrose in all of their stores and try out this additional solution. Our fresh milk bottles already contain up to 40% recycled ingredients, but with access to even more, we can work with our customers to improve further.

“But we’re not going to stop there. We’re also looking at ways to add recycled content to our clear cover.”

Karen Graley, Packaging Innovation Manager at Waitrose, said, “As a food company, we need to do more to protect our planet from unnecessary plastic waste, so we’re excited to be involved in this experiment.

“We are proud to be the first to experience breakthrough innovation in this space, from the launch of the UK’s first refillable product in-store to the removal of disposable plastic toys in children’s magazines, and we are proud to work with Müller to prove it. that’s it again “.