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Champion Teemo Guide League Of Legends: Wild Rift

Teemo Item Build

teemo build wild rift

Teemo Item Build





Teemo is an ability power auto-attack-focused top lane champion. The main goal when playing Teemo is to be aggressive in the early laning phase and use his range and poke to his advantage. He has a very unique playstyle, being able to turn invisible at times and putting invisible mushrooms on the floor that enemies can walk over, dealing a lot of damage. In the late game, Teemo is not that great so your best option is to place as many mushrooms as possible, around the major objectives and lure the enemy team to walk into them.



Teemo uses a mixture of auto-attacks and ability power to do damage to the enemies. Liandry’s Torment is a great first item that can help with Teemo’s damage from his auto attacks and abilities. You will be in combat a lot, auto-attacking and using your abilities to poke down the enemies. With Liandry’s you gain 2% damage each second while in combat. Nashor’s Tooth is a very unique item for Teemo. You want to auto-attack a lot and Nashor’s Tooth gives you that attack speed and on top of that gives your extra ability power for your abilities.



This rune helps Teemo deal that little bit of extra damage with auto-attacks and his spells especially in the early game, to try and get an advantage.


Even more help for Teemo to get bonus ability power in the early game to try and secure an advantage.

Adaptive Carapace

Teemo gains health and also when low on health he gains armor or magic resistance based on the damage type she took more of over the last 60 seconds. This helps a lot in the laning phase when you are trading and trying to kill the enemy champion.

Hunter – Genius

You want your Noxious Trap to be up and available as much as possible to put as many shrooms down as you can. Hunter Genius will give you the ability to haste when you get unique takedowns on enemies.



For summoner spells, Flash is a must on most champions. It’s a great spell to get out of a situation or if you are trying to go in for the killing blow.


For the second spell, it’s best to go for Barrier. This helps Teemo especially in the early game when you want to try and fight and get an advantage. The most important thing to note with this summoner spell is that it does not last a long time so you need to make sure you use it when you are about to take damage.


As Teemo, you want to be really aggressive early game. You have really good 1 vs 1 potential against other top lane champions (especially vs melee champions) because of your range and poke. Make sure you use Blinding Dart (1st Ability) when fighting vs the enemy so their next few attacks will deal no damage to you. Take advantage of Guerilla Warfare (3rd Ability) and go invisible whenever possible to gain extra attack speed and be a surprise factor for the enemy.


Teemo really struggles when it gets to late game because he doesn’t do the most damage. The best thing you can do at this point is to use your Noxious Trap (Ultimate) to get as many shrooms down as possible. This way when a fight happens, you can walk towards your mushrooms and hopefully be able to keep yourself alive. When in a team fight, your main goal is to use Blinding Dart (1st Ability) on the enemy carries so they do no damage for a period of time, and try to auto-attack and do as much damage as possible. Don’t get caught by yourself, as Teemo is not the best when it comes to a 1 vs 1 late game.

Wild Rift Teemo Counters

League of Legends Wild Rift Teemo Counters is Pantheon, Olaf, and Irelia, which have the best chance of winning Teemo in the lane. You DO NOT want to pick Singed or Garen as they will most likely lose to Teemo. In Terms of Synergy, picks like Lee Sin and Blitzcrank are good with Teemo.

Wild Rift Teemo Weak Against

The best counter picks to use against Teemo will be Pantheon, Olaf, and Irelia have a good chance to win the matchup.

Wild Rift Teemo Combo

What Champions are Good With Teemo in Wild Rift? The best champions to use with Teemo based on synergy are Lee Sin, Blitzcrank, and even Jax are good combos.

Wild Rift Teemo Strong Against

What champions are Strong Against Teemo in Wild Rift? Champions that Teemo is strongest against are Singed, Garen, and Renekton.


Overall Teemo is one of the champions that might seem useless but when he gets ahead he can be very scary because of his invisibility and his invisible shrooms. Make sure you use them to your advantage and you can win every game.

So Thank you for reading this Teemo Guide Wild Rift guide!

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